Travel Journal Add-On


We’re using our Button Widget, that can be connected to paired with 4 pages to upgrade your Travel Dashboard or Travel Dashboard – First Class meant to organize your Travel memories all in one place.

Keep a diary of your travels

Use this page to track your journal entries, already upgraded with the following widgets: Daily Quotes and Counter. We even included the Gallery widget to hold all of your bucketlist achievements.

Create a collage of your travel photos

Use this page to collect all your favorite travel photos. Sometimes you just want to keep them all in one place, shared with yourself or your travel group.

Manage your health and wellness while on your travels

Keeping track of your daily habits are especially hard when you’re always on the go. Use this page to track your habits. The library is meant to record your favorite quotes, and learning points if you want to use your travel time to catch up on some readings. Continue to upgrade what health and wellness means to you on your travels.

Keep track of souvenirs and gift ideas for your loved ones

Lastly, Prepare the travel gifts you bring and/or the gifts you take home! This page allows you to upgrade your travels by keeping track of the gifts and gratitude towards others.

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