Travel Reimbursements Add-On


Are you planning a group trip but dreading the hassle of tracking expenses? This dashboard is the perfect solution to make your travel financially stress-free. Here's why you should consider it:

  1. Effortless Expense Tracking: Forget the chaos of remembering who paid for what. Our dashboard seamlessly logs every transaction, ensuring every penny is accounted for.

  2. Time-Aware Management: Utilizing the Indify countdown widget, the dashboard keeps track of the time elapsed since your trip. This feature helps remind group members of pending payments.

  3. Categorized Spending Overview: Gain insights into your travel expenses with our filtered views. Easily categorize spending - be it for meals, accommodations, or activities, and understand where your money is going.

  4. Individual Responsibility: Each group member gets a personalized page showing exactly what they owe and for what. This clarity eliminates confusion and awkward conversations about money.

  5. Shareable Individual Pages: With the option to share individual pages, inform each person in the group about their specific dues. This transparency fosters trust and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  6. Simplifies Reimbursements for Large Groups: Especially handy when one person foots the bill for the group, our dashboard makes it simple to group those people as one entity, avoiding any potential financial imbalances or misunderstandings.

  7. Peace of Mind: Enjoy your group travel without the worry of financial disputes. Our dashboard takes care of the numbers, so you can focus on making memories.

This dashboard is not just a tool; it's your travel financial companion. It brings simplicity, clarity, and fairness to group travel finances, ensuring your journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

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