Travel Dashboard


Coordinating group travel, taken to the next level. 

As a global traveler, you can be certain your next trip goes according to plan with the new Travel Dashboard. By upgrading through Indify’s widgets using new organizational system, you’ll be able to plan for daily events, keep track of flights (and confirmation numbers), organize hotel information, and much more. No need to fumble through your emails to check everyone into their flight. No more searching yelp last-minute for activity ideas. Everything here can be planned ahead of time, with on-the-go flexibility in mind.

Corporate partners: plan your next offsite and keep everyone in the loop, especially as plans evolve over time. From the employee’s perspective, it’s difficult to get the most up-to-date information when traveling with a team. Especially when you have multiple planners sharing different versions of the same information!

Indify brings life to your dashboard:

  • Using the clock widget to keep important times wherever you are.

  • Plan your trip with the weather widget.

  • Countdown to the trip

  • Make sure you don’t miss meetings with the google calendar widget

  • and much more…

Templates purchased by will allow you to immediately set up your dashboard workflow.

Some spicy additions to your travel plans:

  • A virtual space to keep your documents

  • Plane Tickets

  • Hotel / AirBnB Information Sharing

  • Trip Budgeting

  • Emergency Checklist

Special thanks to those who helped us explore.

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